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New Websites! (The quest for world domination continues…)

So you may have noticed some changes to this site recently… I’ve set up two new genre-specific sites: one for fantasy, and one for mystery/crime fiction. Most of the links and pages on this site now redirect to one of these new locations. I will continue to post the Free Fiction Feature on this site each month (since the stories are a mix of my fantasy and crime fiction titles), and I’ll post about any other cool updates or promotions I get going. (I expect these posts to be mostly cross-genre as well.) Other than that, I’m not sure how much I’ll be blogging–either here, or on my new sites–since I want to concentrate most of my time on actual fiction writing.

In addition to genre-specific websites, I’ve also broken out my Facebook pages by genre, if you’d like to give me a follow:

Fantasy Facebook Page | Mystery/Crime Fiction Facebook Page

Hello from Canada!

One of the cool things about building my new sites was incorporating a list of as many of the retailers and digital libraries I could find from around the world that carry my books. I’ve included this list on the About page for each of my sites with a link to each retailer. I know the tendency is to only pay attention to the largest companies, but there are SO MANY other players out there–especially outside North America–each with their own niche market of readers. Continue reading →

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