Free Fiction Feature December 2021 | Legends of Lasniniar: A Solstice Tale

Legends of Lasniniar A Solstice Tale coverSolstice Eve. An unexpected side trip. Barlo and Iarion find themselves looking for a room in the human city of Nal Huraseadro to take shelter from the snow.

During their journey, Barlo only seeks the answer to one question. What did his elf friend get him for Solstice? His endless guesses border on harassment. Iarion refuses to budge.

Despite the approaching holiday, not all remains peaceful in the city.

…And Iarion’s present soon becomes the furthest thing from Barlo’s mind.

A stand-alone story from the World of Lasniniar epic fantasy series by Jacquelyn Smith. If you love a lighthearted holiday misadventure, grab this book.

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