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Free Fiction Feature June 2021 | Legends of Lasniniar: The Wild Side

The Fey Wood. Iarion stares at the looming forest of ancient oaks and pines and tries not to feel nervous.

A few trees should not intimidate him. But the Wild Elves do not welcome strangers.

Even attractive ones, who search for answers to a thousand year-old problem.

…Unless Iarion can somehow convince them otherwise.

A stand-alone story from the World of Lasniniar series of Iarion’s past, “Legends of Lasniniar: The Wild Side” by award-winning author Jacquelyn Smith adds to the elf’s growing legend.

Now, you can read it online for free for one month only:

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New Release News and Promos: August 2020

I can’t believe it’s August… These past few months feel like some weird, alternate reality.

We’re coming onto the last two of the Kira Brightwell shorts I have planned for this run (August and September) before I’ll start formatting and releasing all the existing Kira novels and shorts as collections, with one new collection coming out each month for five months.

On the fantasy side, all of the Lasniniar collections are done (for the moment), and I’m focusing on Fatal Empire now, with the remaining three titles in the quartet planned to come out by the end of 2020. Plus, I’ve also written a fun bonus guide to the Dharakmeni Empire that’s available for free, which you can check out below!

August New Releases

Ring Girl: A Kira Brightwell Short Story

Enemies since high school… Kira and Trevor never expected to end up solving cases together.

Trevor knows that Kira does most of the solving, but he likes to think his raw charm and charisma count for something

And when the opportunity to prove himself as more than a stunningly handsome sidekick falls into his lap in the form of a beautiful client, how can he possibly refuse?

A short story misadventure of Kira and Trevor from the Kira Brightwell crime fiction series by award-winning author, Jacquelyn Smith.

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Yarden the Wanderer Presents: A Visitor’s Guide to the Dharakmeni Empire (A Fatal Empire Bonus Book)

Visitor's Guide to the Dharakmeni Empire cover

Assassins, danger, intrigue… The Dharakmeni Empire does not welcome the faint at heart. (Or anyone else, for that matter.)

But fear not, dear reader! The Shining Kingdom’s foremost adventurer, Yarden the Wanderer, knows all the ins (inns?) and outs of the continent’s most reclusive (and reviled) region.

Let Yarden guide you—as only he can—on a journey through the empire’s customs, caste system, and cuisine. Explore esoteric temples dedicated to the endless expressions of the goddess. Meander your way through a myriad of marketplaces. Impress the locals with your nebulous, newfound knowledge!

…Learn just enough to become an adventurer in your own right with this exclusive guide, funded by the Temple of the Keeper of Wonder, and recorded by award-winning scribe, Jacquelyn Smith.

Please note: Yarden the Wanderer and the Temple of the Keeper of Wonder in no way claim responsibility for any harm or mishap that befalls visitors of the Dharakmeni Empire before or after reading this guide—including, but not limited to death or enslavement.

This title is ONLY available as part of the Back Story Sampler Collection, which is FREE when you subscribe to my newsletter group.

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Coming September 3rd (Available for pre-order)

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Free Fiction Feature | Legends of Lasniniar: The Vow

Legends of Lasniniar The Vow cover

Nimrilwyn swims the seas of Ralvaniar—a respected member of the Folk.

…One of the few who takes an interest in the land-dwelling elves.

None of the Folk understand her friendship with them. Why bother to form a bond with those who can never know life beneath the waves?

But Nimrilwyn values her unusual friendships. She prides herself on her loyalty. Even to those not of her own kind.

…No matter the cost.

Visit the sprawling past of the World of Lasniniar series in this stand-alone fantasy story by award-winning author, Jacquelyn Smith.

Now, you can read it for free on this site for one month only. This short story also comes in ebook and paperback formatboth on its own, and as part of the Light Chasers Lasniniar Collection.

You can find “The Vow” at your preferred online retailer here, or buy it direct from the author. You can find retailer links to the Light Chasers Lasniniar Collection here, or buy it direct from the author.

Legends of Lasniniar: The Vow

Jacquelyn Smith

This story will be available for free for one month only. If you missed this one, check out the current Free Fiction Feature here.


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