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Free Fiction Feature January 2021 | Ground Work: A Kira Brightwell Short Story

Ground Work Kira Brightwell cover

Kira Brightwell thinks she knows her best friend and roommate pretty well—better than anyone else, at least.

Rob’s life seems straightforward from the outside. He stays in the apartment and keeps to himself, preferring the company of his laptop to most other people (Trevor Wright in particular).

He gathers information from behind the scenes, while Kira takes the lead out in the real world in her ongoing search for the serial abductor known as Procurer.

But Rob has a secret. Something he keeps even from Kira.

…And an unexpected case threatens to expose everything.

A fun, stand-alone story from the Kira Brightwell mystery series by award-winning author, Jacquelyn Smith.

Now, you can read it for free on this site for one month only. This short story also comes in ebook and paperback format.

Get the ebook at:

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Ground Work: A Kira Brightwell Short Story

Jacquelyn Smith

This story will be available for free for one month only. If you missed this one, check out the current Free Fiction Feature here. Continue reading →

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New plans for the blog, plus May New Releases

Blog Plans

In case you missed it last week, I’ve launched a new Free Fiction Feature, where I’m posting one of my shorts to read for free on this site each month, and only for that month. (These will be a mixture of my fantasy and crime fiction titles, generally starting with the oldest ones in the series and working my way forward in some kind of chronological order. I’ve also worked it out so Christmas titles will release in November/December, Halloween titles will release in September/October, etc.)

I also want to use this opportunity to try to create a weekly structure for my blogs (which is something I’ve always struggled with). I’m hoping to create a balance between current news about my writing/books (including new releases, promos, etc.), and some behind the scenes, evergreen posts.

Here’s what the new planned schedule looks like:

1st Thursday of the Month:

Free Fiction Feature. (Old one comes down, new one goes up. Check out the current one here.)

2nd Thursday of the Month:

New Release News and Promo/Sale News. (This post you’re reading.)

3rd Thursday of the Month:

Behind the Book feature. This will be some kind of background story or anecdote about the current Free Fiction title. (Unlike the Free Fiction Feature, these posts will stay up indefinitely.)

4th Thursday of the Month:

Writing update. This is where I’ll talk a bit about whatever projects I’ve been working on that month.


…And if there’s an extra week that month, well I might just take it off, or maybe post something extra, if I have something interesting up my sleeve. Hope that makes sense!

Current Sales/Promotions

The Author’s Give Back Sale is still on until May 31st. I have several titles opted in for both fantasy and crime fiction, ranging from 30% off to free on both Smashwords, and in my own online store. You can find all the details (including links and coupon codes) here. 

New Releases

On the Card: A Kira Brightwell Short Story

On the Card Kira Brightwell cover

Kira Brightwell never expects much on her birthday.

But this year promises an even more low-key day than usual, with a sick boyfriend, one of her few friends working a double shift, and her family too busy to celebrate until the weekend.

Curling up with an ice cream cake to binge-watch some movies seems like the best way to salvage things. (And so what if she had to buy the cake herself?)

…Until an anonymous birthday card containing an immediate threat ends up crashing the party.

A quirky, crime fiction short story for both new and regular readers of the Kira Brightwell series by award-winning author, Jacquelyn Smith. (This adventure takes place between Split Decision and Black and Blue.)

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Godmaker Lasniniar Collection

Godmaker Lasniniar Collection cover

There have never been gods in Lasniniar—until now.

But most of these so-called deities are more interested in power than peace. Meanwhile, the dark creatures that roam the land are multiplying in the growing chaos…

This fast-paced, epic fantasy collection contains one novel and two short stories from the World of Lasniniar series by award-winning author, Jacquelyn Smith: Godmaker, By the Light of the Moon, and Lion’s Pride. Godmaker is the sixth novel in the series. (All adventures in this collection take place between Wave Runners and Void Walker.)

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Coming June 4th (Available for pre-order)

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