Why I Don’t Have Kindle Versions of My Books on Smashwords Anymore

Legends of Lasniniar By the Light of the Moon screenshot

The final Vellum-created product for Legends of Lasniniar: By the Light of the Moon ePub

So this is just more of an informational post for anyone who might be checking out my books on Smashwords and wondering why I only have ePub versions available now…

First of all, this is nothing against Smashwords. (Or Kindle owners, for that matter, since I am one.) I think it’s cool that Smashwords has their own storefront for writers, with the ability to generate coupons, as well as to take part in site-wide promotions, like the Smashwords Summer Sale. All good stuff. And I’m all about having my books available as widely as possible. Readers can purchase a variety of ebook formats on Smashwords (ePub, Kindle, PDF, etc.), assuming the author/publisher has made this possible.

So why limit myself to ePub format? Continue reading →

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