The Fatal Empire Quartet

Fatal Empire: Keeper of Secrets coverBook One: Keeper of Secrets | Click here for retailer links

In the Dharakmeni Empire, nothing is as it seems.

Mages, spies, and assassins are members of the lowest caste of society—publicly shunned for having no honor of their own. And yet noble houses secretly use them to plot against one another beneath a thin veneer of civility.

The rules of the game are simple. Don’t get caught.

But a young assassin apprentice named Raziel is about to disrupt the board.

A fast-paced, fantasy adventure by Writers’ Journal winning author, and writer of the World of Lasniniar epic fantasy series, Jacquelyn Smith. This short novel is part one of the Fatal Empire Quartet. Click the link above to find this title at your preferred retailer.



Book Two: Keeper of Wisdom | Scheduled for 2020 release.

Book Three: Keeper of Knowledge | Scheduled for 2020 release.

Book Four: Keeper of Justice | Scheduled for 2020 release.


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