The Fatal Empire Quartet

Book One: Keeper of Secrets | Click here for retailer links

A spy for a mother. An assassin for a guardian. Raziel’s secret heritage marks him from birth.

In an empire steeped with intrigue, where even the goddess wears a thousand faces, friend and foe often look alike. And Raziel’s tarnished background remains one of the few things that might keep him safe.

But not even he knows what other secrets lie beneath the surface.

…Or how far he must go to untangle them.

A short novel of intrigue, magic, and adventure by award-winning author, Jacquelyn Smith. In the vividly-rendered Fatal Empire Quartet, Keeper of Secrets starts Raziel on his journey to becoming a legend of the empire. Click the link above to find this title at your preferred retailer.


Book Two: Keeper of Wisdom | Scheduled for 2020 release.

Book Three: Keeper of Knowledge | Scheduled for 2020 release.

Book Four: Keeper of Justice | Scheduled for 2020 release.


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