Free Fiction Feature June 2022 | Legends of Lasniniar: Without Wings

This month, enjoy a magical story of an outcast elf who must go on a dangerous journey to embrace her secret heritage:

Legends of Lasniniar: Without Wings (Fantasy)

Legends of Lasniniar Without Wings coverGround walker. Wingless worm. Freak.

The only Sky Elf ever born without wings, Arinwyn does her best to ignore the taunts and slurs. Bad enough she can never know the thrill of flying. Must she suffer the cruelties of her own kind as well?

But the winds of change blow from beyond the elven wood as the Fallen One stirs.

…And more than Arinwyn realizes lies hidden within her wingless heritage.

A stand-alone origin story from the World of Lasniniar epic fantasy series by Jacquelyn Smith.

Now, you can read it online for free for one month only:

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