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Before diving into this short story, there’s a bit of housekeeping to get out of the way…

Over the next several weeks, I’m going to be working on building two sub-sites that branch off of this main site: one focusing on my fantasy work, and the other on my crime fiction. (I want to keep things relevant for visitors, so I’m not talking about fantasy to readers who are interested in crime fiction, and vice versa.)

I’ll be holding off on blogging for the most part, but these free fiction posts will still continue as planned. I’ll keep putting them up on this main site, since they are a mix of my fantasy and crime fiction works. Hope this makes sense! (And that all the restructuring goes smoothly…)

Legends of Lasniniar The Bearded Ones cover
The sky to the north of the Light Elves’ wood remains empty. Only a chain of mountains marks the horizon.

Iadrawyn keeps watch from the cover of the ancient trees and waits. The forest hums with life around her.

The world beyond remains a mystery to the elves. What kind of dangers and potential allies roam outside their borders?

Iadrawyn looks to the sky and waits for answers.

Visit the sprawling past of the World of Lasniniar series in this stand-alone fantasy story by award-winning author, Jacquelyn Smith.

Now, you can read it for free on this site for one month only. This short story also comes in ebook and paperback formatboth on its own, and as part of the Light Chasers Lasniniar Collection.

You can find “The Bearded Ones” at your preferred online retailer here, or buy it direct from the author. You can find retailer links to the Light Chasers Lasniniar Collection here, or buy it direct from the author.

Legends of Lasniniar: The Bearded Ones

Jacquelyn Smith

This story will be available for free for one month only. If you missed this one, check out the current Free Fiction Feature here.

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