Writing Roundup: May 2020

Xena: “Wake me up when this is all over.”

This whole quarantine thing has really blurred my months together… I mean, it’s May, but I feel like I barely remember March or April. AND it’s snowed in the last two weeks. (I know, this is Canada. But the week before, we were wearing shorts!) My sense of time and seasons is all messed up.

The only thing that helps me (sort of) keep track of the passage of time is what projects I’ve completed and what still needs to be done.

In addition to preparing the Void Walker Lasniniar Collection for release in June, I also finished writing two new Kira Brightwell shorts this month (“Puncher’s Chance” and “Seeing Stars”). Just waiting on some copy edit feedback. Even though they’re both from the same series, they turned out to be quite different stories.

“Puncher’s Chance” is much more light, with some fun chase scenes, while “Seeing Stars” is more of a serious whodunit. Both feature Kira and Trevor. Nick is much more involved in “Seeing Stars,” and Rob makes a small cameo in both stories. (“Puncher’s Chance” is coming out in June, and “Seeing Stars” releases in July.)

The last two Kira stories I have planned to write in this eight-story run aren’t coming out until August and September, so I’ve shaken things up a bit by working on an entirely different project for the second half of the month to keep things feeling fresh on the writing end.

(Yes, I’m being deliberately vague. This project is going to be something fun for my newsletter peeps. Make sure you subscribe, if you want to get in the loop! [Cheap plug, lol.])

I’m also starting to prep for completing the rest of the Fatal Empire Quartet, which will release this fall. I wrote and released part one (Keeper of Secrets) ages ago, and I need to reconnect with that world and Raziel’s voice again. (I rarely write in first person in my fiction, so it’s a bit of a mind bender to get back into it.)

On the business front, I launched my own online store for my ebooks this month. (I’ll go into more detail about all the cool benefits of this in a couple of weeks in my June Promos/New Releases post.)

…And of course, some other writing ideas have come knocking at my door this month, which I’ve had to set aside for the moment—at least until I reach my planned project targets. 😉

In the meantime, I hope you’re keeping healthy, safe, and sane. Looking forward to seeing what June brings!


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