It’s happening!

Not much new to report… Still plugging away on getting all the pretty, new versions of my ebooks up and running on all the online retailers. It’s a bit of a slog, but all of the Kira Brightwell titles are up and starting to appear around the interwebs.

Starting to work on my fantasy titles next, followed by getting all my paperbacks in line. *deep breath* Then it’s on to large print, and additional international ebook distribution in my ongoing quest for world domination, lol. (And I’m also trying to squeeze in some work on this Legends of Lasniniar project I have on the go… I’ll probably be talking about it in next week’s newsletter [nudge, nudge, wink, wink].)

Talk to you soon!

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Posted by Jacquelyn


Erzsebet Aniko Carmean


I’m so happy to see that you’re continuing to write and publish! You may not remember me, but way back in 2012ish, I was indie publishing horror, and I enjoyed chatting with you on your blog. Speaking of blogs … this new website is amazing! I can’t wait to read your Kira Brightwell books!! My Kindle is charging at this very moment, preparing for a good old fashioned binge reading session.

Keep on keeping on, Jacqui!

Yes, I totally remember you! Are you still writing? I’ve been SO bad about blogging and social media… Trying to work on that going forward and hopefully get back in touch with people, such as yourself. 🙂

Erzsebet Aniko Carmean

Nope, I haven’t written in a couple of years. I did about a year focusing on poetry after I finished my second novel, but found I needed a break. I am on a different adventure now … I’m studying math in my spare time. The goal is to work my way all the way up through the math classes I took in college, only this time I want to understand wtf is going on!

I am happy that you’re writing! I’m reading Split Decision now, and enjoying every digital page. At some point do you think you’ll blog some about A) if you do MMA or B) how you researched it? I’d be interested to hear.

Oh wow, that’s ambitious!

I’m glad you’re enjoying Split Decision. 🙂 Kira and I have many things in common, but MMA experience isn’t one of them. I just developed a fascination through the reality show The Ultimate Fighter (especially since I’ve always loved stories with women kicking ass). Forrest Griffin has a really funny and informative book called Got Fight? that has been a helpful reference, and I also study technique videos when I’m trying to choreograph a fight scene. (Thank you, Internet!) I usually have a general idea of how I want things to go at first, and then try to figure out the logistics in terms of what limb/body part is moving where, and how someone might counter it, if that makes sense.

Actually, your question has triggered a tangential idea for a future blog post, so thank you!

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